Elect Zachary Strong

Caldwell City Council Seat 3


I am a Father, Husband, Teacher, Coach and a Veteran. I chose Caldwell as my Home, I have chosen to impact as many people in this community as I can as a Teacher and Coach. My drive will help Caldwell to continue its ascent as one of the premier places for Idahoans to live and raise families. We must now give back and do right by all of us who have the honor to live in this genuine city that has always embodied its small-town feel and core values. With change comes so many new obstacles and potential setbacks. We need leaders who will hold true to our values and bring us to new heights. I am this leader.

Pillars of Leadership


Leaders hold ourselves accountable to our actions and decisions. This must happen to best serve our community. With accountability comes transparency and communication. We must also ensure that the people in which we serve are being informed of the actions we take, and feel valued and represented in those actions.

Service Before Self

Serving our community with repect and honesty is mandatory as the decions we make directly impact the community and may be questioned. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for elected officials. Understanding that those elected are public servants you must put the whole of the city above yourself.

Excellence in All We Do

A leader knows when they need to ask for help and how to delegate. When faced with difficult task or decisions constantly that effect a populous you must be able to put the time in to understand what is being asked of you and you must work to do the best for those you are leading. To expect excelence of others, you must also demonstrate excellence from yourself.

Contact information: zstrongforcaldwell@gmail.com Facebook: Zachary Strong For Caldwell