My Vision

What will I hope to accomplish if elected?

It will be an honor to serve and be a voice for the people of Caldwell. This must not be lost amongst my core values. Caldwell needs a voice to bridge leaders and the community on ways we can continue building our city. With the recent growth and the future growth of the city, it will require us to improve our roadways and city operations to better serve our citizens. With growth and more people in our city, we must continue to be a quintessential example of having well-trained and community-oriented first responders. We need to support our community and those who protect it.

What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Issues facing Caldwell are born of progress, this is something we must not only recognize but embrace as our future. As elected officials it is our duty to acknowledge the work is never done, we cannot be complacent with the revitalization of Downtown. The entirety of Caldwell is our mission. Caldwell has seen an increase in traffic as we are becoming a destination for all of Idaho. Caldwell is no longer a hidden gem. Our next steps must be to improve our city; road by road, block by block, and job by job. Our duty is to keep our citizens safe and to continue Caldwell on this path to new heights.

Support for First Responders

Ensuring that our first responders have the proper training and equipment to complete the jobs necessary for them is a must-have for our growing city. Ensuring that we also have the proper coverage to deal with growth needs to be a focus for our elected officials.

Sustainable Economic Growth

Caldwell has seen growth like many other areas in the Treasure Valley. Ensuring that we have jobs to serve our growing community to sustain that growth will be a focal point for our cities future.

Expanded Infrastructure

Traffic is something that comes with growth. Making sure our roadways can support the increased traffic while keeping our roadways safe is something we need to be more vigilant in addressing. Increasing residential development areas must be matched with expansion and upgrades to our existing city roadways.